The Strain Card

Perhaps the greatest challenge we have as breeder’s is to gain insight about how certain horses are bred and why. This can be done by study of pedigree and horse- Type, Family, Strain, they all work together. Years ago I read the Raswan Index and was influenced greatly by his work about strain breeding. This […]

A Breeders Perspective

“To seek the art form is the goal-to acheive perfection is the challenge!!” These goals are toward creating a type of horse whose characteristics will be useful and desirable in generations now and later.” Achievers set goals, are dedicated to reaching them, concentrate on strengths and minimize weaknesses. In horse breeding it is no different […]

Breeding Philosophy

After over 30 years experience of intense study of pedigrees, equine nutrition, the raising of foals, breeding, genetics, training etc. The whole package of what I call a trench breeder. We feel we have put together a unique program. The bloodlines we incorporate have been for a very selective purpose, both for their Genetic Cards […]

About us

Abraxas Arabians is owned by Emil & Debra Nowak and is located in Southern California near Temecula. We have been involved with Arabians since 1966. We have had straight Egyptians since 1974. My husband Emil is the cornerstone of being the best partner possible. We have two beautiful children, our daughter Estee, who is a […]

Welcome To Abraxas Arabians

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our breeding program. We hope you will take a tour and visit us soon! I have loved horses and all animals since I can remember. In 1966 my dad bought me my first horse who was a wonderful Half-Arabian named Son of Sheik. I got […]