A Breeders Perspective

“To seek the art form is the goal-to acheive perfection is the challenge!!” These goals are toward creating a type of horse whose characteristics will be useful and desirable in generations now and later.”

Achievers set goals, are dedicated to reaching them, concentrate on strengths and minimize weaknesses. In horse breeding it is no different that one sets goals concentrates on strengths and minimizes weaknesses.

How does one approach specific goals? First of all one must access what one is trying to achieve. Are you wanting sound limbs and feet? Are you wanting structural balance and soundness? Are you wanting extreme Arabian type?

Through the years I have found in order to acquire all of the above one must set realistic goals. The most important rule is to remember sometimes you must wait a generation or two to get the final goals in place. Why? Most of the time you need to set the structural foundation first, that is get the conformation frame work in ones program correct. To cull out the horses that will be too hard to achieve these goals and concentrate on the breeding horses that will start the foundation off properly. If you start with a poor mare in structure even if the type is extreme, the body frame will come back to haunt you.. One must consider the framework to be balanced, neck put on properly, deep hip, limbs set correctly and sound feet with straight electric tails. The head is the diverse subject of “TYPE”. Huge dark black eyes scream Arabian to me as even with a straight profile the Arabian influence is evident.

Pedigree – is the vital tool in any breeding program. It is the key to genetic and structural identity. Inheritance factors come from a combination of factors passed down from proceeding generations. The knowledge of learning how to blend desirable characteristics with success is the true “art” of breeding. I believe that nature will design and create her own way with the aid and understanding of certain genetic and structural factors.

Type -What is the most important factors (traits) that really define the Arabian? I feel you can never breed enough Eye, Trot and Tail. Put these factors (traits) on correct struk-ture and wow!

Struk~ture – is the arrangement and interrelation of ALL the parts of a whole. Balance (harmony) is the first consideration when evaluating a horse. Each part should blend with the next and all parts should look like they belong to the same animal. Overall balance and type should blend together.

Movement – that covers ground with cadence and symmetrical balance. Where the joints open up freely and not restricted. Not a “sewing machine trot”. Correct movement is big with us and even though we breed small numbers our contribution is a concentrated effort to breed horses that trot brilliantly. We invite you to view our new farm video.

Strain- breeding has been a part of our program too. We have been breeding “pure in the strain” for over 30 years. We blend the KUHAYLAN. and DAHMAN families.

Is this planned breeding????