About us

Abraxas Arabians is owned by Emil & Debra Nowak and is located in Southern California near Temecula. We have been involved with Arabians since 1966. We have had straight Egyptians since 1974. My husband Emil is the cornerstone of being the best partner possible. We have two beautiful children, our daughter Estee, who is a para-legal and working on her Bachelors degree in Arizona. Our son Douglas, who attends the Army & Navy Academy in Carlsbad.

We breed a small very selective group of straight Egyptian horses. Our mares and stallions are some of the finest in the world and of extremely unique bloodlines.

We have stayed on course for over 30 years of putting a planned breeding program together. If you have read our ads for the past 25 years you will see we have always stressed specific breeding guidelines and strategies. We put together a Breeders Booklet that explains some of the concepts we believe in.

We have a very hands on program of growing up our foals with exceptional nutrition and handling. We have been in the nutritional horse feed business for over 20 years. We own Evergreen Equine Products and our clientele is some of the best running Quarter and Thoroughbred Farms in California. Our specialty feed concentrates, raise some of the finest race horses in the country. We stress nutrition as we feel it is the foundation of the foal you are striving to raise or the horse you are wanting to keep in top form.

We invite you to study our program or better yet to visit our farm and see the breeding program in the flesh.

Evergreen Equine – There are 4 main keys to building the framework of a champion

1. Genetics 2. Nutrition 3. Environment 4. Managment

Evergreen Equine has developed the products that will help you build the proper foundation for your next performance horse.
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eSharp Services Inc. is a full service advertising agency catering to the horse industry. Our main fundamental areas of business are consulting, training, marketing and multi-media development. We worked with Debbie and Abraxas Arabians to create a website that was easy to maintain through database technology and lookes attractive. For all of your equine marketing needs give us a call at 602-315-7244

Straight Egyptian Competitors

This is a listing of straight egyptian arabian horses in competition worldwide from class A, Regional, National and International.