Breeding Philosophy

After over 30 years experience of intense study of pedigrees, equine nutrition, the raising of foals, breeding, genetics, training etc. The whole package of what I call a trench breeder. We feel we have put together a unique program.

The bloodlines we incorporate have been for a very selective purpose, both for their Genetic Cards and their Structural Cards The Structural Cards are a little harder to achieve but each generation is locking in a very solid foundation. Our love of the ARABIAN horse is on going through admiration of beauty in individual horses and ALWAYS a sense of something missing to make it complete. Each individual brings a sense of awareness of their uniqueness of almost human qualities. The KUHAYLAN influence is of very “CLASSIC” families, which portrays the horse of antiquity of Arabia. They reflect symmetrical balance and harmony along with incredible beauty.

The nucleus of our bloodlines stem from ET CROWN PRINCE (The Egyptian Prince x RDM Maar Hala). The blending of these two individuals has given us the Genetic strength and the structural foundation we have been blessed with through his progeny. His daughters Abraxas Halamaa, Abraxas Maar Hala, Abraxas Crown Gemm, and Abraxas Habielaa have been sought after from breeders all around the world. We kept his son ABRAXAS MOONSTRUK to offer a new dimension of the program, His daughters Abraxas Moon Glow and Abraxas Moonique and his son Abraxas Nejd Moon reflect this dimension.

In 2002 we went to Europe in search of an out cross stallion, at Halsdon Arabians we found *HS Hero (Simeon Sadik x Helwa Lancer by El Hilal). We feel the blending with our mares and others will lead us in to the next generation with great excitement.


We would like to share with you some of the background of our stock and some of our breeding ideas. We have been devoted to breeding Top quality seedstock through linebreeding since we started over 30 years ago. We started with some of the best foundation stock we could acquire. Our tail female lines consist of Bint Bint Hamamaa, RDM Maar Hala, *Hekmat, *Ansata Bint Bukra, *Bint Maisa El Saghira and Nourah. Our sire lines include The Egyptian Prince, El Hilal, Simeon Sadik and Nabiel. We have created a “breed within a breed”. Why? Through extremely specific blending and culling we have put together a very unique base of breeding horses. The principles of our breeding nucleus has stayed on course for over 5 generations. We have been dedicated to breed straight legs, sound round feet, necks put on properly, straight electric tails, huge dark black eyes, excellent movement and sound trainable dispositions. This has been our breeding goals for over 30 years. We have now “locked in” specific genetic and structural attributes that is creating superior seed stock for other breeders to enhance their stock with.


The Egyptian Arabian is known for its beauty, but we wanted more. We wanted a clear as possible Genetic base and Structural identity that bred consistently. We feel that horses need a more complete evaluation beyond the show ring. We can show you the parents, grand parents and great grand parents so you can judge in the flesh the generations of blending and structural attributes that backs each pedigree. These are very important tools for the breeder who wants to really understand what makes up the pedigree of individuals one is interested in. It is by design and not accident that our bloodstock is prepotent in desired traits. It is by design that each generation is better than the last. It is by design that consistency is “set” in our bloodstock. It is by design that we breed dispositions that are trainable and smart. We constantly do progeny testing to assure that the offspring is outstanding in the above designs. We have created a “breed within a breed” When you design these desirable traits there is a Genetic and Structural map that sets specific attributes within each horse. This creates seed stock to blend with other bloodlines and enhance these specific traits.


We are dedicated to breed as clear as possible of specific traits. We are selling a Genetic and Structural established line. We have stayed on course for over 30 years. We invite your inquiries.